Reducing Stigma

This Spring I’m enrolled in a mental health reporting class. We have a class blog post here! We update it weekly with interview of mental health experts, new studies and our own reporting on mental health illnesses. The mantra for our class is reducing stigma. We are learning just how important the media is when it comes to understanding what mental health is and how it’s treated in our society. As a mental health reporter I’m able to promote awareness about mental health issues, foster education about mental health and reduce stigma and discrimination against people with mental illnesses.

This class is relatable to all aspects of journalism- in every single story whether it’s about crime, physical health, social justice or war- there is an underlying mental health connection. Mental illnesses are among the most common health conditions in the world yet factual, contextual and palpable mental illness articles are rare. It’s evident that this is one of the most under reported themes in the US and in the world. In this class I’m looking forward to developing a cadre of better informed tools for print, online multimedia, photography and radio to more accurately report information on mental health.


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