Earthly news

For a technology for journalism class I am starting up an environmental news blog! I will be writing weekly articles about anything and everything going on, mainly in the Chicago area. Why an environmental news blog you ask?

Climate change affects nearly every beat in a news organization today. No longer a mere novelty, climate change and environmental news are pertinent to all journalists and all well informed citizens.

Policymakers ranging from mayors to prime ministers are trying to formulate policies to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases implicated in global warming.

For example in my home state- the city of Boulder, Colo. has enacted a carbon tax.

Climate change is moving beyond a science issue- it’s in our own backyards, it’s a local, political, international affairs (climate treaties) technology, (solar panels), business (green industries) and even political science related (battles for water rights?) not to mention the every day assignment story from deaths from heat waves, forest fires, draughts.

To face reality is to realize that everyone, from a non-expert journalist (me) to a citizen- we are living together on this warming planet- and we need to have a firm grounding in the science and societal aspects of climate change.

That’s why I’m starting this blog (click here to read it! ), and I hope you all enjoy my scientific and literary ride!


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