Who: Academic Researcher. Teacher. Graduate Student. Story teller. Photographer. Artist.

What: Full time graduate student and teaching assistant, part time yoga instructor. Visit her blog or portfolio to see recent work.

When: Living in the present moment, planning for the future and always reminiscent of the past.

Where: Fort Collins, Colorado.

Why: Shirley found that it takes both creativity and intense organizational skills to successfully research at the graduate academic level as well as teach undergraduate students. She is familiar with both order and imagination and utilizes her strategic thinking and out-of-the-box/ hands- on approach to her career aspirations.

How: With the help of a supportive family that has overcome cultural divides.

Want to see what all of those words actually mean? Explore Shirley’s website, take a look at  international and local projects and then decide for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!


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